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The Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at Virginia Commonwealth University offers a variety of services tailored to assist personnel in schools, interagency coordinating councils and state-operated programs in Superintendent’s Regions 1 and 8. The VDOE T/TAC is a part of the statewide network of T/TACs across Virginia and a participating member of the online community T/TACOnline . The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is also a part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities , a member of the national University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities,and the VCU School of Education .

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We've Moved!

Our offices are now located at 700 E. Franklin Street on the first floor.  Pardon our mess while the upper floors are currently under construction but we are open for business.  We are excited to show off our new interior space with a bigger conference room and more meeting space.  Please stop by and visit.  To enter the building please use the sidewalk entrance from 8th and Franklin.



Registration Open For These Workshops 

Youth Summit  The Virginia Department of Education's I'm Determined Project, in conjunction with the Partnership for People with Disabilities, invites applications for sponsorship to the 8th Annual I'm Determined Youth Summit at James Madison University, June 18-June 2014.  Application now available.
Got Problem Behavior?  This four part series will explore proactive and preventative practices to decrease the likelihood of problem behavior occurring in the classroom.  Click here for dates, topics and to register. 
TechKnowledgy Tuesdays  These hands-on mini-sessions feature instructional and AT topics that benefit students of all ages and abilities.  New sessions added for the Spring! All sessions will feature new topics.  Click here for dates, topics and to register.


Check out these resources!

Resources for Family Involvement Research shows there is a strong correlation between family involvement and student outcomes and achievement.  Check out these resources for welcoming family members and parents into schools as an important part of children's education. 

VDOE Office of School Improvement offers resources including recorded webinars and webinar series on topics related to school improvement.  Check out the resources at: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/support/school_improvement/training/index.shtml





New materials added to our library!

Hanging In
Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most
By: Jeffrey Benson

This book shows educators the value of tenacity and building connections in teaching students who most need help.  The guide includes portraits based on real-life students, strategies for analyzing students' challenges, examples of individualized plans, and recommendations for teachers and adminstrators on constructing systems and procedures for success.


Causes & Cures in the Classroom
Getting to the Root of Academic and Behavior Problems 
By:Margaret Searle

This book reveals new neurological research about the root causes of students coming to school with weak vocabulary, poor planning and organizational skills and problems with memory, impulse control, and attention span. This guide lays our a comprehensive five-step protocol designed so that educators can develop effective interventions for students.


Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools
The Behavior Education Program, Second Edition
By: Deanna Crone, Leanne Hawken & Robert Horner

This book has been used to establish efficient and cost-effective systems of Tier II positive behavior support. This program was developed for the approximately 10-15% of students who fail to met school-wide disciplinary expectations. Step-by-step guidelines are provided for implementation.


Functional Assessment and Program Development for Problem Behavior
By: Robert O'Neil, Richard Albin, KeithStorey, Robert Horner & Jeffrey Sprague

This guide to functional assessment procedures includes a variety of strategies for assessing problem behavior situations and presents a systematic approach for designing behavioral support programs. 


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