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The Virginia Department of Education’s (VDOE) Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at Virginia Commonwealth University offers a variety of services tailored to assist personnel in schools, interagency coordinating councils and state-operated programs in Superintendent’s Regions 1 and 8. The VDOE T/TAC is a part of the statewide network of T/TACs across Virginia and a participating member of the online community T/TACOnline . The VDOE T/TAC at VCU is also a part of the Partnership for People with Disabilities , a member of the national University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities,and the VCU School of Education .

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We've Moved!

Our offices are now located at 700 E. Franklin Street on the first floor.  Pardon our mess while the upper floors are currently under construction but we are open for business.  We are excited to show off our new interior space with a bigger conference room and more meeting space.  Please stop by and visit.  To enter the building please use the sidewalk entrance from 8th and Franklin.



Summer Professional Development Opportunities! 

Training on Solve It!  Friday, June 20, 2014 Solve It! is an instructional program designed to improve the mathematical provlem-solving skills of students in the middle and secondary grades including those studetns who have learning disabilities.  Click here for more information and to register.
Show Me the Data!  July 15; July 22, 2014  This book study will walk participants through everything they need to know about data collection and making data based instructional decisions. Click here for more information and to register.
Got Problem Behavior?  July 24, 2014 or July 31, 2014  This session will explore proactive and preventative practices to decrease the likelihood of problem behaviors occurring in the classroom.  Click here for more information and to register.

Check it Out! 

AIM-VA Launches New Website  

Visit the new AIM-VA website to order accessible textbooks and other instructional materials for eligible K-12 students with IEPs in Virginia at no cost. 

  • An easily searchable database of accessible text and trade books that are available in braille, large print, electronic text, and audio
  • Access to detailed reports about student usage
  • Online trainings
  • A new blog to help teachers and administrators navigate accessible materials and best practices
  • All school personnel with a valid school email address may login to the portal as aDRM and order materials on behalf of students who are eligible.  

Center on Transition Innovations Launches Website 

The vision of the Virginia Department of Education was to create a centralized statewide resource for educators and other stakeholders in the transition of youth with disabilities. Explore their website to learn about the many opportunities available that can impact transition planning efforts. http://www.centerontransition.org/


New materials added to our library!

Rules in School: Teaching Discipline in the Responsive Classroom
By: Kathryn Brady, Mary Beth Forton, Deborah Porter

The approach to discipline presented in this book helps children develop self-control and understand how positive behavior looks and sounds. This book offers practical techniques to establish clear expections for behavior, to teach students how to articulate learning goals, and to use interactive modeling to teach positive behavior.


Doing Science in Morning Meeting
150 Quick Activities that Connect to your Curriculum
By:Lara Webb & Margaret Wilson

Activities in this book will increase students' excitment about science, deepen content knowledge and enhance science skills. Activities are easy to set up, require minimal materials and are flexible to use at any time of day. Select activities by title, grade level, or science standard.

image of book

Systematic Instruction for Students with Moderate
and Severe Disabilities
By: Belva Collins

To ensure the best outcomes for students with moderate and severe disabilities K-12 educators need to understand what constitutes good instructional practices and how to apply them in any classroom.  This book gives guidance to use effective teaching strategies that are rooted in applied behavior analysis.

image of book cover Peer Assisted Learning Strategies
Reading Methods for Grades 2-6
By: Douglas Fuchs, Lynn Fuchs, Deborah Simmons & Patricia Mathes

Peer Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) combines proven instructional principles and practices with peer mediation so that reasearch-based reading and math activities are effective, feasible, and enjoyable.  Teachers pair studetns in the class so that partners work simulataneously and productively on different activities that address the problems they are experiencing.

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